Will Turner Jr. is portrayed by Orlando Bloom and is one of the main characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies 1-3,He is an apprentice blacksmith on Port Royal. He Secretly loves the governor's daughter who saved his life years ago, Elizabeth Swann although there relationship advances after he rescues her from Barbossa at Jack's hanging when Will saves Jack and then declares his love. In At World's End Will proposes to Elizabeth for the 2nd time despite fighting Jones's crew and Barbossa marries them amidst the fighting.


William Turner Jr.

"Will you marry me?"

"I don't think now is the best time!"

"Now may be the only time!"- Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann while fighting Davy Jones crew.


Will and Elizabeth Swann

His father is Bootstrap Bill first seen in Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest.In Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End Davy Jones stabs him knowing he and Elizabeth are in love, and died, But then Jack took his knife and Davy Jone's heart and made Will stab it, making him captain of the Flying Dutchman and killing Jones. Now bound to fufil Jones's old command he ferried the souls of the dead for 10 years and then he came back to shore to be with Elizabeth. Further fate is unknown.

"Who are you?"

"No one, He's no one. A distant cousin of my aunt's nephew, twice removed. Lovely singing voice! [whispers] eunuch."

"I am William Turner.My father was "Bootstrap Bill" Turner. His blood runs in my veins."

-- Hector Barbossa,Jack Sparrow and Will Turner


Will's appearence in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.