Blackbeard uses the Sword to control the ship.

The Sword of Triton is rumored to be forged in Atlantis as a broadsword that had supernatural abilites, most notably bringing dead matter to life. Blackbeard somehow came across this sword and began a connection to his flagship The Queen Anne's Revenge.

He used it on many occasions.

Quest for Fountain of Youth Edit

Using it to control his ship he could catch up to any vessel and using its powers, bring rigging to life to use as weapons. The Sword could also turn great sailing vessels into bottled ships that Blackbeard kept as a prize. During 1750, Jack Sparrow having been brought aboard the Revenge, was convinced Blackbeard wasn't on board and rallied the crew to mutiny. It went well until Blackbeard strode onto deck and dealt with the crew using his mighty sword.

During the Whitecap Bay Battle, Blackbeard used his sword from the dock to send the Revenge and ignite its Greek Fire device to scare the mermaids to shore to be captured.

When they found the Fountain of Youth, Privateer Hecotr Barbossa and his crew appeared and Blackbeard threatened him with the sword's powers, which Barbossa only countered this far away from his ship he couldn't. Blackbeard was killed and Barbossa claimed the Sword and his ship., using it to send the Revenge in a speed toward Tortuga, It's fate is unknown.

Things to Know Edit

  • It is available as a Redeem Code in Pirates of the Caribbean Online - SWORD
  • It is a broadsword
  • It is rumored to originally be used by The Sea Deity: Triton.