Stede Bonnet is often called "The Gentleman Pirate" and is believed to turned to piract to escape a nagging wife.

He was born in 1688, and once his father died he inherited the family estate and all his familiy's wealth. He married a woman named Mary Allamby, and she became awfully annoying. So due to his marital problems, and despite his lack of knowledge in navigation, he sailed off and turned to piracy in the summer of 1717. He bought a vessel named Revenge and went away with his paid crew. He went along the Eastern Seaboard, in the area which is now the United States, and captured many Barbadian Ships. 

Bonnet set sail towards the island of Nassau, but ont he way there he was extremely wounded while attacking a Spanish Warship. Short after getting to Nassau, Bonnet met Edward "Blackbeard" Teach. Bonnet let Blackbeard temporarily take command of his ship, for, he was unable to lead his crew.

Blackbeard and Bonnet captured many ships along the East Coast, although, when Bonnet failed to capture the Protestant Caeser, most of his crew went to join Blackbeard on his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.  Bonnet was a guest to Blackbeard now.

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He was not a captain until the summer of 1718, the governor of of North Carolina, Charles Eden, pardoned him. Eden also gave him clearence and gave him a privateering license to attack Spanish shipping. Bonnet found it extremely hard to not return to piracy, but he only didn't because he did not want to loose his pardon, so he created the alias Captain Thomas, and changed his ship name to the Royal James and returned to piracy.

In the August of 1718, Bonnet went to port at Cape Fear River to repair the Royal James. In early September of 1718, the Colonel, William Rhett led a naval expedition against pirates on the Cape Fear River. Rhett and his men found Bonnet and his crew. The two groups of men fought for hours on end, out numbered, Bonnet surrendered. Rhett brought the pirates to Charleston in early October. 

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Bonnet's hanging in Charleston in the December of 1718.

Bonnet escaped on October 24th, but was caught again when on Sullivan's Island.  On the 10th day of November, Bonnet was tried and charged with two accounts of piracy. The judge, Nicholas Trott, sentenced Bonnet to death, and Bonnet was hanged on December 10th, 1718.

Things to KnowEdit

  • Bonnet has been put into several novels and films, he plays a major role in On Stranger Tides  Tim Powers, and plays one of the 10 most notorious pirates in Sid Meir's Pirates!.
  • Bonnet is said to be one of the few pirates who made one of his captives walk the plank