Pirate Slang, was the speech of pirate's they had different words that had different meanings

Addled - Insane or foolish

"Avast!" "Hey" from the dutch word for "hold fast" or "stop"

"Belay!" - "Stop that!" or "Shut up!"

Cat o' Nine Tails - A slash used on the bare back, as used on Will in Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest.The saying "Letting the car out of the bag" derives from this.

Cackle Fruit - Chicken Eggs

Corsair - French Pirate

Barker - Pistol

Buccaneer - Caribbean Pirates

"Damn your eyes!" - A popular insult used by pirates very often

Booty - Any loot

Bilge - Foolish talk.The bilge of ships were usually filled with rank water hence "bilgewater"

Dance the hempen jig - To hang, the ropes used to hang were usually made of hempen

Barrack Stanchion - A sailor working on land

Davy Jone's Locker - The place at the bottom of the sea reserved for pirates when they die

Handsomely - Quickly for example "Handsomely now men!"

Feed the fish - To be thrown into the blue, dead or alive

Deadlights - Eyes

Lights - Lungs

Jack Ketch - The hangman

Dead Man's Chest - A coffin

Gully - A knife or dagger

Kiss the gunner's daughter - To be bent over one of the ship's guns and flogged

Drivelswigger - Someone who reads to many nautical adventures

Jolly Roger - The pirates skull-and crossbone flag.

Sea Rover - Another name for pirate

Oggin - The sea

Splice the mainbrace - To get a drink

On the account - The pirate's life

Swallow the anchor - To retire from life at sea

Sweet Trade - A term describing piracy.

Sea Rat - Another name for pirates

Poxy,poxed - Diseased

Walk the plank - A short walk to a watery grave!