Sao Feng is a character in Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End.His name means "Howling Wind".He is a pirate lord and posesses the Navigational Charts,which can take you to the end of the world.He is captain of The Empress, a chinese warship from Singapore.His Piece of Eight is a necklace,which hanging from it looks like an old pouch full of gold,he had it because he is the Pirate Lord of Singapore,1 of 9 pirate lords. He is deceased as per the Flying Dutchman capturing the Empress.

Fdk sao feng

"You are Sao Feng the Pirate Lord of Singapore.You command an an gold age of Piracy where bold captains sail free waters.Where waves aren't measures in feet but in increments of fear ,and those who pass the test become a living legend." - Elizabeth Swann

He is manipulative,cunning, persuasive,greedy,and cold-hearted.He does although believe that Elizabeth is Calypso, the ocean god.