The cabin rules were the rules the crew had to follow or else was severly punished.they were called The Captain's Articles on deck.The rules below are examples of captain's rules captains would give similar rules though.

The Rules of the SeasEdit

*Every man shall obey civil command;The captain shall get one full share and a half in all prizes,The Carpenter, Boatswain, Master, and gunner shall recieve one full share and a quarter.

  • If any man shall offer to run away,or keep any secret from the company,he shall be marron'd with one Bottle of Powder,one Bottle of Water, and one small arm and shot.
  • If any shall steal anything in the company,or game,To the value of a Piece of Eight,He shall be maroon'd or shot.
  • That man shall strike another whilst these Articles are in force,shall recieve Mose's Law,Which is 40 stripes lacking one,on the bare back.
  • That man that shall not keep his Arms ( weapons ) clean, fit for an engagement or neglect his buisness shall be cut off from his share,and suffer such other punishment as the Captain and the Company will think of it and will haunt the minds of the other crewmen.
  • If any man shall lose a joint in a time of engagment,he shall have 400 pieces of eight,if a limb 800
  • If at any time a man meet with a prudent woman,that man offer to meddle with her,without her consent shall suffer present death.
  • If any man should be found seducing an of the female sex,and carried her to sea disguised as a man,he will suffer pain of death.
  • Gambling with cards and money is forbidden.

    Code of Conduct or "rules of the sea"