Lord Cutler Beckett is an antagonist in Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest.He wants Jack's compass to guide him to Jones's heart and take over the Caribbean.


Lord Cutler Beckett looking at the package given to him at the end of Dead Man's Chest.

"Cutler Beckett?!"

"It's Lord now,actually"

"Lord or not,you have no reason and no authority to arrest this man!"

"In fact i do." -- Governor Weatherby Swann and Cutler Beckett

Beckett is an old acquaintence with Jack,as well as Govener Weatherby Swann.When he arrives at Port Royal on Will and Elizabeth's wedding day,he arrests Will and Elizabeth on the charges for helping Jack escape from the noose.He imprisons Elizabeth and tells Will he will drop the charges against them if he can get one item - Jack's voodoo compass.

"The Dutchman sails as it captain commands!"

"And it's captain is to sail it as commanded!I would've thought you learned that after I ordered you to kill your pet.This is no longer your world,Jones.The immaterial has become....immaterial." -- Davy Jones and Beckett

He is determined,headstrong and commanding,will not take orders,only gives them and will not take no for an answer.He considers everybody a stepping stone,and once done with them strikes them with troubles like a whip.He is acquaintences with Jack,as said before,and each of them left a mark on each other,the burmarked "P" on Jack's arm is his mark,but Beckett refuses to reveal what mark he had left on him.

640px-Beckett and Jones during the parlay

Davy Jones and Beckett on the sandbar making negotians.


Cutler Beckett and Govoner Weatherby Swann aboard the Flying Dutchman

"The East India Trading Company is in need of your services....We wish for you to act as our agent in a buisness transaction with out mutual friend Captain Sparrow."

"More acquaintence then friend,how do you know him?"

"We've had dealings in the past,and we've both left our mark......on the other."

"And what mark did he leave on you?" -- Beckett and Will Turner