Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is the main antagonist of the game Pirates of the Caribbean Online, he was transformed into an undead creature by a withdoctor. He roams the caribbean with an armada of ships and undead skeletons searching for Captain Jack Sparrow and planning to take over the Caribbean. 

"Dead Men tell no tales! So i'm forced to yet ye live..... I said I be letting ya live, the sharks may not be so charitable!" - Roger in the tutorial


Jack Sparrow was Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea, and Roger envied him, for they were friends. Knowing Jack loved cards, he hired a witchdoctor as a dealer and made Jack play a game, an attempt to steal Jack's piece of eight, the sign of being a Pirate Lord. Jolly won game after game, Jack, knowing he was being set up, bet his seat on the Bretheran Court. Jolly pulled a full house, Sevens over Jacks, Jack plucked an ace from his sleeve making his hand a full house as well, Aces over Jacks. Jolly went into rage! Thinking he had been double crossed,  He shot the witchdoctor and tried to shoot Jack. But Jack flew the table they were playing on up, sending cards and gold everywhere! With his last few breaths, the witchdoctor cursed Jolly to be undead.

Who is Jolly Roger?

Who is Jolly Roger?


Raven's CoveEdit

On the old island of Raven's Cove, it was once a happy place full of friendly folk. But, Jolly came. He tore down Raven's Cove killing all the inhabitants. Some of the townfolk still roam the island as ghosts, just waiting for a sailor to come and send them free of their bonds and let their spirits be free. Yet, one survivor is still there, mentally insane, but there, none other then Crazy Ned, running aorund his box trying to stay away from the deadly red ghosts who roam at night. These ghosts, Rage Ghosts, are souls that after Jolly killed them, they went into rage, and now run around at night, hunting. 

The TownsfolkEdit

  • Ben and Sadie Clubheart: Jolly's men challenged them to Undead Poker, the Clubheart's accepted and bet their lives, Jolly cheated, but still won. They now reside in the Clubheart Tavern.
  • Madame Zigana: The local Gypsy, she fought in the battle trying to defend Raven's Cove, but died in the fight.
  • Señor Fantifico: Fantifico was a rich man and considered himself the fanciest in all of Raven's cove, he his in his house during the battle, but the army found him and killed him.
  • Widow Threadbarren: The local seamtress, Jolly told her if she mended and sewed up the sails on all of his ships, he would spare her life. He of course, lied and killed her when the job was done.

Things to KnowEdit

  • On April Fool's Day of 2012, Jolly sent undead chickens for the players to fight.