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Jack Sparrow is the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Jack Sparrow thinks of himself as a god in many ways,he talks his way through life and does it sucessfully. He is crazy without a doubt,but none the less witty.Sparrow defeated some of the main antagonists in the movies, Blackbeard, Davy Jones and Barbossa. In his first appearence he is on his sinking ship towards the Port Royal dock and casually steps onto the dock in time for the ship to go under.

"One word love, curiosity.You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it.To act on selfish compulse.You want to see what it's like,one day, you won't be able to resist."

- Jack Sparrow to Elizabeth Swann.

He was once a privateer in the East India Trading Company,which is how he came to be acquainted with Lord Cutler Beckett, Beckett gave him the "P" burnmark scarred on his arm.

Jack Sparrow tattoo 03

Jack's signature tatoo and branded "P"

[Standing on edge of cliff]"You know when your're up at a high place and have the sudden urge to jump?......I don't have it" --Jack Sparrow

His right hand man is Joshamee Gibbs,who helped him recover the Black Pearl from Hector Barbossa , and also helped Jack through his adventures, needless to say Jack needs Gibbs plenty. He is old "friends" with Angelica and she is apparently the only woman he ever had true feelings for. He has been kidnapped by the inhabitants of Pelegestos and called a god,and the inhabitants plan to roast and cook Jack to take him away from his human bonds twice as far as we know. He was saved by Will from the noose in Curse of the Black Pearl.

Jack and Angelica dance aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge

"Wine,music,candlelight.....I think we traveled down this road before Jack."

"Yes,we have.I remember it well.Winding,twisting,turning,gyrating,writhing..... and incessant writhing.Do you recall Saint Dominique?"

"Le Martinque.I tried to kill you in Saint Dominque." -- Angelica and Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow Theme Song

Jack Sparrow Theme Song

Jack Sparrow Theme

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