Henry Morgan, nicknames "King of Buccaneers" operated in the late 1600s and was one of the most famous buccaneers of all time.

Morgan was the only son of Welsh landowners, and was born around 1635. He started a voyage towards Barbados and became an indentured servant. Later on he went to Jamaica, and got into privateering, he got a license allowing him to attack Spanish ships. Although, soon after the war between England and Spain had ended. He continued plundering the waters of Spain. He was cruel, giving his prisoners unique tortures. He managed to ram two of his ships in to sandbars or rocks, insinuating he was a poor sailor.


Henry Morgan

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Morgan's letter of marque

Sometime between 1668 and 1671, Morgan assmbled a rather large crew and raided the city of Puerto del Principe in Cuba and Porto Bello in Panama, getting an enormous emount of loot.

Rumours of Morgan's cruelty spread around the Caribbean, and the Spanish King threatened war on England,frightening King Charles II, who wished to preserve the peace ordered Morgan to be shipped back to England and sent to prison in the Tower of London. However, Morgan was a hero in England and spent two years in the Tower but did not stand trial. He was in fact, knighted in 1674, and returned to Jamaica as its Governor. He was powerful and rich, the scoundrel had everything he wanted. When politics shifted, he got removed from his position in 1682 and most of his fortune was stripped from him.

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Captain Morgan rum, the brand is named after the buccaneer.

His health dripping low, he started to drink extremely heavily, and was usually found in taverns in Port Royal, swearing at his enemies. He died in 1688, and it is said that soon after, the sea went over his grave and took his bones down to Davy Jones's Locker.

R.I.P Henry Morgan

Things to KnowEdit

  • Researchers still look for Morgan's hidden loot to this day.
  • The rum brand Captain Morgan, as seen in picture above, is named after Henry Morgan.
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