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Gaming was games like dice, cards etc that was played on land, since it was forbidden to do while at sea since it led to fights among the crew. They would gamble for all sorts of things, ships, pets, gold, new cards, even women. Games varied from Blackjack to Poker to Liar's Dice, and many many more.

An eighteenth century playing card.


Blackjack was a card game where each player gets 2 cards, one face up, one face down. you have to try to get to 21 in a total of your cards, and whoever has the closest number at the end of the game wins whatever was on the table. One face and an ace is Blacjack, and an automatic win.

An example of Blackjack

Liar's Dice[]

Liar's dice is a game for two or more players, and you put dice under cups, shake it up, and bet how many dice of each number ex. I bet 4 3's. and then everybody lifts the cups, and if there is for ex. 4 3's you win, it revolves everybody's dice and not just your own, the way to lose is you can challenge another player, and whoever's bid doesn't go up, is out of the game.