El Fantasma

El Fantasma when he was among the Living

El Fantasma was a mysterious man when he was alive. Sailing into and out of the mists, El Fantasma used stealth as his major weapon. None know for sure whether he and his crew are even human — they seem to appear and disappear at will and are almost impossible to hit with cannons.

But what was true, was that El Fantasma sold his soul and the souls of his crew to Davy Jones for immortality and power. This was not known until mysterious monsters began attacking sailors' vessels, mysterious fog begun appearing out of nowhere and finally Davy Jones had amassed a huge armada of cursed ships and beasts, and Jones begun his reign of terror upon sailors. Which then the horrific transformation of El Fantasma into a mortifying zombie began.

Later Jones set out to conquer all of the sea which led out to the Ocean's Edge where prehistoric beasts reside and uncharted land was. There Jones pitted his second-in-command called the "Wraith" against El Fantasma to go to this area and make this location at Ocean's Edge in Jones' conrtol, but of course El Fantasma will forever be vying for power whenever he sees a chance. Eventually Wraith failed at the task and El Fantasma succeeded and for the failure of Wraith, Davy Jones destroyed the Wraith and made El Fantasma the new second-in-command of his cursed fleet. After replacing the Wraith as Davy Jones’ second-in-command, El Fantasma has set out to recruit the most bloodthirsty crew from the four corners of the world. He cares not if they are alive or dead—only that they will do his bidding.

Later along the lines Davy Jones had met an unknown demise whether he got devoured by his legion of "Pets", slain by a Pirate, or got betrayed by El Fantasma, but now that Jones had vanished left the second-in-command in charge of the giant cursed fleet. Now completely in command of the fleet—from the undead and fiends of the sea to humans who crave unholy power—El Fantasma has assembled a devastating following. His search for even more powerful ancient artifacts is his only goal. Those who oppose him are nothing more than food for his minions.