A rum tankard, made out of metal to withstand a night of drunken revelry.

Pirates diet was harsh and unvarying, and food spoiled quickly. A popular choice on the menu was hardtack, a hard biscuit and rum. In drink, alcohol was much more popular then water, for they carried about 10,500 gallons of beer and only 3,500 gallons of water. Ale and beer was drank more than rum, but when it was drunk, they would drink half a pint.


Grog was an extremely famous drink drunk by pirates, it was rum mixed with various spices and the standing recipe is: To one measure of rum, add three measures of hot water in which the juice of half a lemon and three soiins if sugar have been previously been dissolved. This makes a ration for one man. Increase the amounts if you have a whole crew to dose!



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