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Pirate crews ranged form 20 to even 300 men, and pirate captains would put up advertisments for crews when in port. There were positions and duties for the crew,each rank with it's own duty.

Crew Ranks[]

The Captain[]

The captain was the leader of the boat, they were chosen by voting among the crew and were often democratic. The most sucessful captains possesed an ability to lead and were very cunning

A tricorne hat, mostly worn by pirate captains.

Quartermaster/First Mate[]

The first mate, also known as the quartermaster dished out everything from rations to giving punishments. He also had the duty of dividing up the loot.


Many boatswains were on each ship, who's tasks were attending to sails, rigging and keeping the decks clean.


A 17th century hammer.

The capenter kept the ship afloat - literally - they replaced timbers, plugged holes and mended the rigging and the torn sails.



The gunner had to not be able to only aim and fire but shoot it with precise accuracy. It took years of expertise to become a master gunner.


Few ships were able to acquire a surgeon, but rarely one was able to be captured and shanghaied into service. Surgeons had a set of knives that could remove bullet, amputate limbs and deal with certain injuries from cannon battle and sword fights.

A set of surgeon's tools.

Powder Monkey[]

Powder Monkey was the lowest position of the crew. It would be assigned to young boys who were new to not only the crew but pirate life itself. Their job was to clean the guns and load them, if they survived the pirate life, they were promoted to gunner's mate or sometimes even to gunner.

Cabin Boy[]

A typical Cabin Boy

Young boys who were new to the crew were cabin boys if they were not powder monkeys. Their job was to clean out the captain's cabin, assist the cook, and do anything the crew told them to.